An old (or duplicate) listing is still showing on our website

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IMPORTANT: Listings should always be managed solely via your CRM platform or listing uploader, to ensure the data is in sync across all portals. Listings should not be manually updated via your website dashboard under any circumstances.

If a listing has been updated in your CRM and marked as sold, withdrawn or offmarket, but it is still showing as 'current' on your website, it's likely due to an error at your CRM provider's end, and you should contact your CRM provider first to investigate this issue. 

Here are some common reasons why an old listing will continue to show on your website even after you have updated the status to sold, withdrawn or offmarket and the steps to take for troubleshooting the issue:

1. The property was "deleted" from your CRM 

Depending on which CRM provider you use, if you delete a property from your CRM it may not send any data to your website to update the listing. 

Deleting a property in your CRM removes the connection between your website and your CRM for that listing and any changes you make in your CRM for a deleted property will not sync with your website. 

If a property has been removed from the market (it is no longer available for sale or rent), do not delete it from your CRM. Instead, you must change the 'status' to reflect the current state of the property i.e. withdrawn, sold, leased, offmarket. 

Changing the status of the listing will send a feed to your website to update the listing. Deleting the listing will NOT send a feed to your website and the listing will remain 'current' on your website. 

If a property is deleted from your CRM, it's likely that your CRM provider can no longer help you. In this instance, you will need to submit a ticket to our support team to have the listing manually removed (additional costs may apply).

IMPORTANT: Deleting a listing from your CRM will disconnect the feed between your CRM and your website. If you need a listing removed from your website, you must update the listing to use one of the following statuses to achieve this: 

Apply one of the following statuses to remove a listing from your website: 

  • sold
  • leased
  • withdrawn
  • offmarket

2. The property "category" has changed

If a property category is changed - from residential to rental or residential to commercial, for example - this can potentially cause issues on your website. 


Jane uploads a new property to her CRM as a residential listing and it is pushed to the relevant websites. Jane realises that the property should have been uploaded as a rental listing. 

Jane DELETES the residential listing and creates a new rental listing. 

In this case, the residential listing will continue to show on Jane's website as well as the rental listing. Instead of DELETING the residential listing, Jane should have changed the status of the residential listing to "withdrawn" before creating the new rental listing. This would have sent a feed to the assigned portals to remove the residential listing.

3. You've changed CRM providers

When you change CRM providers, it's important to discontinue the use of your old CRM platform or listing uploader immediately.

There have been cases whereby agents within a business have continued to use the old CRM for listings management which has resulted in duplicate 'current' listings appearing on their website - current listings from their old CRM as well as listings from their new CRM. 

If this happens, you should change the status of all listings within the old CRM to 'withdrawn' and only manage listings within your new CRM. This will ensure that all listings are in sync with your new CRM only.

4. Your CRM provider hasn't sent the data to your website

In rare cases, your CRM provider may not have sent the data to your website to update the listing. In this case, you should seek assistance from your CRM provider to have the listing data re-pushed to your website to update the listing on your website. If they cannot do this for you, one of the above scenarios has likely occurred. 

Please ensure all of your staff are aware of these potential issues that can occur.

If you cannot find a resolution with your CRM provider, please submit a support ticket with our team to have the listing manually removed by our development team (additional costs may apply).

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