I've added/updated a listing in our CRM but it isn't showing on our website

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When your CRM provider sends a new listing or updated listing to your website, it will appear on your website within 5-10 minutes. However, sometimes you may not see the changes reflected on your website.

Here are some common causes of listing feed issues to help you troubleshoot:

Your CRM provider hasn't sent the data to your website:

New listings or listing updates will not show on your website until the data has been sent to your website by your CRM provider. 

In some instances, an issue may have occurred at your CRM provider's end which can result in the listing not being sent to your website. You will need to contact your CRM provider for further assistance in this case and our development team will be unable to provide further assistance until the listing data has been sent to your website by your CRM provider.

Your device cache:

When you visit a website, your device will store a 'cached' version of the page/website in your device so that the next time you visit that page/website it can load quickly. Often times, a 'hard' refresh of your browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) will show the listing appearing correctly. Here's how to do this.

If this doesn't work, try clearing your browser history completely to remove all stored pages from your browser history. On a mobile device, simply go to your settings and delete your previous search history from your mobile internet browser.

Scheduled Feeds: 

Some CRM providers will send updates to an agency website in scheduled times throughout the day i.e. at 5am and 5pm. You will need to check with your CRM provider to find out how soon after you make a change to a listing do they feed that to your website.

Major Portal Priority:

Some CRM providers also prioritise feeds to realestate.com.au and domain.com.au while delaying the feed to an agency website. Meaning, even though your listings may be appearing on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, your CRM provider may be delaying the feed to your website for some reason. You will need to check with your CRM provider on this.

Property is "deleted" from your CRM: 

Depending on which CRM provider you use, if you delete a property from your CRM it may not send any data to your website to update the listing. 

Deleting a property in your CRM removes the connection between your website and your CRM for that listing and any changes you make in your CRM for a deleted property will not sync with your website. 

If a property has been removed from the market (it is no longer available for sale or rent), do not delete it from your CRM. Instead, you must change the 'status' to reflect the current state of the property i.e. withdrawn, sold, leased, offmarket. 

Changing the status of the listing will send a feed to your website to update the listing. Deleting the listing will NOT send a feed to your website and the listing will remain 'current' on your website. 

If a property is deleted from your CRM, it's likely that your CRM provider can no longer help you. In this instance, you will need to submit a ticket to our support team to have the listing manually removed (additional costs may apply).

IMPORTANT: Deleting a listing from your CRM will disconnect the feed between your CRM and your website. If you need a listing removed from your website, you must update the listing to use one of the following statuses to achieve this: 

Apply one of the following statuses to remove a listing from your website: 

  • sold
  • leased
  • withdrawn
  • offmarket

User error:

Sometimes data is entered into a CRM incorrectly. Your website is solely reliant on what data is sent to it so it's important to make sure the data being entered is accurate to ensure your website is correct.

Fields aren't mapped correctly:

When we launched your website, we mapped the fields from your XML feed to the associated fields in your website. Sometimes, however, your field names may have been accidentally mapped incorrectly. If this is the case, please let us know and our web team will fix the issue.

** Additional Information For Agentbox Users **

It has been reported by one of our clients that a listing may not export to your website if you simply activate an inactive property in Agentbox. You may need to 're-push' the listing from Agentbox once you activate it. This appears to only be affecting inactive properties that have been marked active again and does not impact on new listings being added to Agentbox for the first time. 

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